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Moving to Cash Opportunity

What You Receive

7% of every new customer's plan purchase level 1
3% of other purchases including phones and accessories
4% of your direct Customer's additions level 2
2% of level 3, level 4 and level 5
1% at levels 6 and 7
10 sim cards with free replacements to give your personal customers
So they do not have a delay in activating
The fastest network in the US
Access to our Training videos so you can begin to prepare for a better future
Access to premium marketing materials
The ability to participate in our corporate marketing program
Direct cash payment to your Pay pal account on the 10th of each month
Our goal is to not only be the only Cell Phone Service that provides free service
We want to provide all of our customer family with a lifetime residual income.
It is hard to put value on this, actually, I can’t.

  Why Do It Now?

We have spent over a year starting this, lawyers, programmers and government approval
All take time and money.
Over $100,000.00 of time and money and we are just starting.
We could easily ask  $10,000 for this program and it would be an unheard of value.
But, it is not going to cost you that .
You have worked your way up through the free level. 
You recognized the power of growth levels can provide.
You used that power to pay for the last opportunity. 
Just like you are about to do now.
Your tenacity and loyalty is about to be rewarded.
The cost to our family of customers is just $688.00
Yes Just $688.00 to move to the 3rd of 4 programs
Based on your efforts, what would you do with an extra paycheck each month for life.
An income to enhance your life, even in retirement.
Maybe a new car, or a great gift for someone special.
I realize that right now we are all facing a lot of uncertainty with the economy.
So I am going to make you a promise.
If you have worked your way through our free offer and the more opportunity programs
We will guarantee, if you work with us in this program, you will earn your money back in 6 months and will be making a steady residual income that can only grow.
If you are not we will refund the difference.

All of This, A Plan Worth Thousands of Dollars For $688.00

Imagine the possibility, a chance for you to turn a premium cell phone service, that's a bargain already, into a lifetime income. All you have to do is maintain your phone service with Escape Cellular. At this level the income possibilities are remarkable, There are no restrictions on the number of people you personally enroll or the people they enroll behind you.
What you waiting for?  Click the button below
Yes enroll me now
Escape Cellular unbound and unshackled
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