4478 Johnston Pkwy
Cleveland OH 44128
(216) 350-7892

Business In A Box The Only Way To Describe this Opportunity

10 % of every new customer's service plan level 1
5% of your customer service plans level 2
3% of levels 3, 4, 5 and 6
1% of all levels 7-15
3% of other personal purchases including phones and accessories
Business Card template
25 sim cards with free replacements to give your customers
so they don't have a delay in activating
The fastest network in the US
Access to our Training videos so you can begin to prepare for a better future
Access to premium marketing materials
Ability to participate in corporate marketing program
Direct cash payment to your Pay pal account on the 10th of each month
Access to our company portal this is important it gives you about 90% of the abilities we have like the Ability to port and process numbers yourself. You can update sim cards, IMEI for new phones change plans and track customer usage
Combined with the sim cards Your customer will be active right then.
Ability to submit trouble tickets.
Escape cellular email for yourself and management team.

This opportunity is unprecedented anywhere. No one offers so much value for so little.

To do this yourself would take a 6 month investment in time, licensing developing training and all of the other work involved. You could easily invest $100,000 to get to this point.

It's All Yours for $1288.00 If You Act Now

Don't Wait Click On The Button Now

Yes Help Me Start My own Business Now
Escape Cellular unbound and unshackled
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